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3D Coaching: A HIT!

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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3D Coaching: A HIT!

3Dimensional Coaching is new research that is now available to coaches of Youth Sports, Middle School Sports, High School Sports, and Collegiate Sports.  It covers 20 years of research concerning "why we cannot coach this generation the way we were coached." Our culture has changed so much over the last 20-30 years that adjustments are needed.

Just two generations ago youth were raised with "blind obedience."  Parents, by and large, taught their kids to respect those in authority: teachers, policemen, and coaches. Athletes just did as they were told and would NEVER question a coach with, "Why are we doing this drill?"  Coaches could concentrate on doing all the things that are required for a team to succeed, such as getting bigger, faster, stronger and how to perform the fundamentals of the sport.  In other words, all the physical things that are required in a sport.  In 3D Coaching, that is dimension 1 coaching.

The psychology of coaching (the 2nd dimension) used to be addressed with support from the home, although some coaches intentionally spent time in this area.  A bad attitude was dealt with by coaches, because the coach knew parents would also support the coach and work on it at home.  Most problems that surfaced in dimension 2 were solved by dimension 1 solutions.  An athlete with a bad attitude heard statements like, "Drop and give me 20," or "If you want to stay on this team you will run a mile after workout for the next week." In other words, solving emotional problems with physical solutions.  Kids now...well, many ion them just quit.

The 3rd dimension is "coaching to the heart behind the jersey" or "coaching inside out."  The heart is described as the center of the athlete where he/she struggles with what they truly value and believe in: things like loyalty, honesty, and commitment. In the heart they form their identity and seek their purpose.

3D Coaching now helps coaches to apply - in coaching this "me generation" - how to coach in all three dimensions. Our current coaches are the best, most informed 1st dimension coaches in the history of sport. Since last August, many South Plains coaching staffs have begun to apply this research.  Just this week (January 4th), over 250 coaches came to a 2-hour presentation on this research.  On January 18th, all of Lubbock ISD's coaches will participate in a workshop. 

To gain more information, contact Terry Kinard at (806) 239-6383 or go to 

3D Coaching Presentation at Seminole ISD (01/04/2016)