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Prayers for Zoey

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Prayers for Zoey

I was watching a girls basketball game between Whiteface and Meadow last Friday.  With about 6 minutes left the game, Meadow player Zoey Hunt hit the floor hard with her back vertical and straight up.  Immediately her head was next to hit the floor.  The sounds from her that followed next in a quiet gym were heart breaking.  The EMS and nurses kept her still and  bound to a back-board for 45 minutes while an ambulance was sent from Morton.

What happened next was very uplifting.  The coaches knew the game was no longer important and agreed to call the game and focus on Zoey.  Both teams, on their own, came together at center court and prayed together, as did the crowd.

After posting the story and pictures on FCA Facebook, replies came in immediately! 

A few hours later, we received information that she began feeling her arms and legs again.  Zoey will be ok.  Thanks for the prayers!  GOD is GOOD...All the TIME!!